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A new year to live well and live right

The first few rays of the sun rise in the east, gleaming with new hope. The air is crisp, and the breeze softly blows, whispering of new beginnings. It is new year’s day.

Immaculate light bathes your room, and the sound of soft laughter waft in the air. You wake up with warm smiles and gentle kisses. Your husband Greg, seven year old son Chino, and three year old daughter Isabelle have cooked up a surprise for you: a very special breakfast for the queen of the house. It’s your turn to be pampered, they say, a thank you for all the good things you have done for them all throughout the past year, and looking forward to a sweeter, love-filled new year.

You smile at Chino’s little poetry, and hum along Isabelle’s hearty song. You and Greg agree you have made a beautiful family just by living well and living right.

They lead you to the wide balcony overlooking the unobstructed view of the South East, sprawling and reaching as far as Laguna de Bay. From the 38th floor of your curvilinear tower, everything is quiet and gentle, and your whole world is made of only tenderness.

This is a picture of your future home, a Three Bedroom Grand unit with a sprawling view in Arya Residences at the heart of Bonifacio Global City. Expansive and well planned, eco-smart and equally luxurious, a perfect nest to grow your family.

Built to the highest standard by world class boutique developer, ArthaLand, your home puts forth your well being ahead of everything else. It is the embodiment of luxury and ecological consciousness seamlessly put together to create a lifestyle that allows you to enjoy the graciousness of living while doing good for the environment. Two things that you and your husband have always worked hard on for the future of your children.

Arya Residences is expertly designed to let you enjoy the comforts of life: large unit sizes, well planned layouts, 5-star grade finishes, less units per floor, intelligently selected wellness and leisure amenities, and a well protected al fresco dining at The Plaza.

For extra comfort, balconies and ledges in the units serve as sunshade for the units below. Each home has dual glazed low-E glass windows to serve as shield from excessive heat and noise. The two towers – each uniquely shaped – also accommodate seamless connectivity with their fiber optic backbone, allowing you to enjoy fast and reliable cable TV and internet connections, technologies that are very important for your children’s learning and education and connectivity with your extended family. All these future proof features put together are luxuries you can rarely find in other residential condominium developments.

At Arya Residences, eco-consciousness does not only mean doing good to the environment. First and foremost, your health is the primary concern why your home is designed to be of high eco-standard. With natural ventilation accommodated by right sized operable windows and balconies, fresh air circulates constantly to deter disease causing germs from staying. Paints and adhesives used both in the interiors and exteriors do not emit harmful toxins. By allowing sunshine in and keeping heat out, your home is always pleasantly bright, cool, and sunny.

Rising at the quieter side of The Fort, Arya Residences is the Philippines’ first and only top-end residential development that is on target to achieve dual green building certification. It is registered under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program with a certification goal of Gold. The Philippine Green Building Council has also taken Arya Residences as the national benchmark for ecologically sound vertical residential buildings in its BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence) program. This means that global quality standards and sustainability measures are strictly monitored and quantifiably assured in constructing and maintaining your home.

You are very well aware that to provide a brighter future for your children, it is essential that you do your share in keeping Mother Nature sound. Apart from saving as much as 14% in electricity usage and 40% in potable water, the two green building standards employed in your home allows you to help save the environment effortlessly: efficient use of resources, reduction of carbon emission, all done without the sweat.

This new morning, as you enjoy the company of your family, you also smile with utmost satisfaction that you made the sound decision to invest in a home that is present perfect and future proof. You believe that Arya Residences is built especially for you, and your children’s bright tomorrow.

This new year, you wish your friends and family will also to start anew, to live well and to live right.

To know more, visit www.aryaresidences.com.ph or call 8362526 to schedule a tour of the show units at the ArthaLand Pavilion located at McKinley Parkway corner 7th Avenue in Bonifacio Global City.

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