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ArthaLand keeps Earth preservation on top of its business values

Laozi, a venerated Chinese sage, shared this wisdom: “A journey of a thousand miles begins underneath one’s feet.”

This is one of the wisdoms guiding ArthaLand, a world class boutique developer of unique, enduring, and sustainable projects.

“Our core mission is to create properties that will provide special, holistic, and elevated quality of life for our customers and overall communities, consistent with the sustainability values we stand for,” explains Angie de Villa-Lacson, the company’s president and CEO.

“It is important that we embrace and practice the virtues of environmental leadership in every aspect of our business and our daily lives. Why? Because it is the right thing to do. It is the first step in our journey of a thousand green miles for the preservation of our Planet Earth. We need to do this for ourselves and, more importantly for our children and their children,” Lacson underscores.

“At the heart of our business philosophy stands sustainability. Our commitment to the communities and the planet is integral to every project we build,” Lacson states.

“This has set us apart from the rest, and we have gained so much from being in the forefront of green developments. The market in general acknowledges our serious efforts in integrating calibrated sustainability measures into our flagship project, Arya Residences,

ArthaLand’s flagship project, Arya Residences, rising in Bonifacio Global City, is the pioneer development in the Philippines to be on track to achieve two Green Building certifications from the national and international monitoring bodies. The project is registered under the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) program with a certification goal of Gold.

On the national front, Arya Residences is the pioneer residential development for the Philippine Green Building Council’s BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence) program. BERDE is a green building rating system that is used to measure, verify, and monitor the environmental performance of buildings that exceeds existing mandatory regulations and standards in the Philippines.

Lifestyle for the Earth

Arya Residences, the benchmark project for all the developments of the company, espouses green lifestyle. It is designed and built to allow gracious and luxurious living while doing good to the environment effortlessly – from architectural design, construction, fittings and materials used.

Arya Residences adheres to the world standards in green developments following very important factors such as viability and sustainability of the site where the project is built; water efficiency, conservation of energy and protection of the atmosphere; intelligent use of materials and natural resources; high standard of indoor environmental quality; and overall innovation in design.

Without sacrificing the overall living experience in a luxury condominium, Arya Residences, with its ingenious design and engineering enables the homeowners to reduce electricity consumption by about 14%. It is built with a dual piping system, ready to accommodate recycled grey water once the facility is in place. This, plus the fixtures especially selected to make water usage more efficient will enable the condo dwellers to save as much as 40% in their potable water consumption.

Future proof and adaptive to inevitable global warming, the towers are oriented north to south so that it will receive the least amount of direct heat from the sun. Units are built with balconies and ledges that will serve as sun visors for residences below. Windows in Arya Residences are specially chosen for dual heat protection such that double glazed, low-E glass is used throughout the residential units to keep the heat out while allowing natural light in.

Right sized windows and the open space layout accommodate natural illumination such that about 60% of the dwelling areas are reached by sunlight, making the units energy efficient and pleasant. Natural ventilation through operable windows and balcony doors are in place to allow constant air movement.

To ensure that indoor air quality is kept, paints and adhesives used in the towers are Low VOC – meaning they do not emit harmful toxins to the air breathed in by residents.

Priority parking slots for LEFEV (Low-Emitting and Fuel Efficient Vehicle) are available, while special slots for bicycles are integrated in Arya Residences to encourage its residents to be conscious in their fossil fuel usage.

Green and viable

“As a business practice, taking the sustainability route makes potent sense. Our buyers appreciate our product as giving them the most value and most especially that will keep the environment sound,” Angie explains. “Yes, going green is very viable and this has been proven with Arya Residences,” she adds.

For ArthaLand, Laozi’s wisdom pointing to the journey “beginning underneath one’s feet” is read in a fresher, nobler light: That journey begins with the earth where we step on and live in, how we keep it healthy and vibrant, and how we keep our relationship with it as responsible stewards of the only planet we have.

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